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Our mission is to stop world hunger through our Plate 4 Plate initiative. We serve an array of Mexican inspired food such as burritos, bowls, nachos, tacos and quesadillas, all made with fresh, healthy ingredients.

With every burrito or bowl purchased a meal is donated to someone in need. Since inception, with the help of our customers we have donated over 75 million meals, working toward the goal of 1 billion by 2025.

We partner with Rise Against Hunger who brings these Plate 4 Plate donated to life. Zambrero partners with Foodbank to fight hunger in Australia, providing a meal to Australians doing it tough with every purchase from our retail range.



Rise Against Hunger, is Zambrero's international distribution partner. As an international hunger relief agency, Rise Against Hunger directs our Plate 4 Plate meals to communities much in need globally, where many do not have access to adequate nutrition, primarily through school feeding programs.

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what do plate 4 plate meals consist of?

Rise Against Hunger meals donated by Zambrero are a nutritious combination of rice, soy and dehydrated vegetables, fortified with a vitamin mix, specifically designed to supplement the diet of malnourished individuals.

The meals have been created for easy transportation so they can reach remote areas anywhere in the world. All ingredients are rice-based so they suit the diets of most individuals as well as being vegetarian, culturally neutral and easily blended with locally available spices, vegetables and proteins.Zambrero’s contribution per meal is based on the cost of the raw ingredients and does not include packaging, shipping or meal distribution, which are covered by Rise Against Hunger and its partner organisations. 

In Australia, partnering with Foodbank, Zambrero donates a rice and beans based lunch or dinner or a breakfast meal consisting of cereal and milk with every Grab & Go range purchase.

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