vegan sour cream

Introducing our new vegan sour cream. Made with soy, it has a seriously delicious, smooth and creamy flavour that we know you'll love, without any dairy or gluten!

Available in all restaurants nationally. Visit your local Zambrero and add vegan sour cream to your order from $1.

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Angel Food Dairy-Free Cheddar is made in Aotearoa from the goodness of plants! Formulated without egg, nuts and soy, completely free from Dairy, Gluten and GMO’s . The perfect choice for anyone wanting to eat a more plant-based diet. You can learn more about the product by visiting the Angel Food website. www.angelfoods.co.nz

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Our vegan cheese is made with coconut oil. The cheddar flavour you love without dairy, gluten, soy or palm oil.

We are thrilled to have vegan cheese on our menu as we know our customers are incredibly passionate about delicious, plant-based food.

Available in all restaurants nationally. Visit your local Zambrero and add vegan cheese to your order from $1.

Vegan Hero Product

Our vegan sour cream is made especially for you by Groenz with their brand In House System. Groenz is a local New Zealand business that create tasty and quality sauces and dressings exclusively for food service. This vegan sour cream has been created has a quality vegan friendly alternative. Please discover more about Groenz and their brands here: www.groenz.co.nz


Our menu is entirely customisable and provides a range of innovative and delicious, vegan-friendly options. Each and every one of our menu items, with the exception of those made with our black rice tortilla, can be made vegan. Enjoy our pinto beans, white and black rice, fresh salsas and salad, handmade guacamole, any one of our four vegan-friendly sauces as well as our delicious cauliflower filling.